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Welcome to David Skinner's Homepage.

You will find info on my Kit Car, Dogs and various extreme sporting activites


New Nova Kit Car

 The Last of the "untouched" Nova Mark 1 Deluxe Kits

I heard that the Nova moulds were destroyed at the beginning of 2007, which is a real shame as it means no more Nova Kit Cars will be produced. Then a VERY VERY RARE Nova Mark 1 deluxe kit from 1980 turned up on Ebay. It has never been touched or even started  and is in near perfect condition except for one small chip on the front, its just been stored for the last 27 years! I couldn't help myself and had to buy it just to preserve a little piece of history. I was really worried that it wouldn't fit in my garage where I store my other Nova (and it didn't, well at least not without some creative storage methods). I have no real plans for the car for now and will continue to focus on finishing the rebuild on my first Nova (nearly there). Its a bit of a strange colour (listed by the manufacturer as "Congo Brown", but more like "Old Baked Bean"

I hope you enjoy the photos and the slide show below, just click on the images to see them in the larger window. You can also navigate right and left, simply click on the arrows. Be patient, it may take a while to load. You can also see some videos of the dogs by clicking on the button on the left.


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