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Welcome to David Skinner's Homepage.

You will find info on my Kit Car, Dogs and various extreme sporting activites


Nova Kit Car

Recent Jobs Completed (well not in all cases)


I only get to go back to the UK to work on my kit car once or twice a year, so as you can imagine progress has been slow. This page is a quick summary of the jobs done on the last visit (July2012) ,which is this case was visiting the car at the painters where it has been for the last one year!


I finally got the Nova back from the paint shop after two long years
The pop-up light finally looked more production car like
It kind of looks funny without the canopy on

The paint finish look different in different lights
Started the reassembly, attaching the panels and putting the engine back in  
Still more to be done, petrol filler cap, glass etc..  
The louver and the shut lines against the body are looking good, nice and even  
On the trailer after its back from the paint shop for a second time (a few minor touch ups)  
Looking good, will be interesting to see it once the glass is all back in  
The rear end still needs the grills, number plate and exhaust to complete the look  

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