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Welcome to David Skinner's Homepage.

You will find info on my Kit Car, Dogs and various extreme sporting activites


Nova Kit Car


Detailed below are the specifications of the car as it currently stands today :



The car is made up of two Chassis Mated together

·        VW 1302-S rear (i.e. IRS). Rear chassis was registered 1st Aug 1971

·        Front – VW 1500 front end (i.e. Discs)

·        Floor Pan – Dropped 4 inches with 3mm mild steel panels

·        Front beam stiffeners / support from Unique Vehicle and Accessory co ltd

·        Gearshift and handbrake moved back about 5 inches

·        Pedals slightly shortened


·        1302-S gearbox & clutch

Front Suspension

·        Standard VW shocks with coil-overs, slightly softened and raised suspension (2 small leaves removed from each tube). Sway-A-way front end adjuster and widener. 

Rear Suspension

·        Heavy Duty spring plates (adjustable) from UVA, UVA uprated shocks.

·        All else standard except added “Turn six sway-away-bar” from Pace Setter Inc


·        1989 Alfa Romeo 33 - 1.7cc Cloverleaf, with twin Weber carburetors – Engine fully rebuilt in 2006

·        Alfasud to VW adapter kit from Laser Cars Ltd


·        Alfasud Unit

·        Kenlowe KLM 1416 automatic thermal control fan system


·        Custom Made with parts from Custom Chrome

Rear Brakes

·        Volkswagen Beetle Disks (modified to fit over from modified rear drum hubs)

·        Lancia Delta Calipers (with handbrake lever)

·        VW 1500 brake master (2 circuit), with added manual adjustable front / rear bias valve.

Front Brakes

·        Standard Beetle Disks

·        Citroen Visa Calipers mounted via modified plate added to hub carrier


·        Triumph Dolomite rack and pinion Unit mated to standard VW beetle track rod ends·        Austin Maestro steering column and switch gear (circa 1989)


·        Mark II Nova

·        Modified Pop-Up headlights

·        Modified rear flat panel for engine cover

·        Type 3 rear end modified for Ferrari 355 round lights

·        Rear view mirrors are modified electric Buick Century

Pop Up Light Motor & lights

·        Triumph TR7 Motors

·        Main Beam: AS191 90mm Diameter “bulls-eye”

·        Full Beam AS193 90mm


·        Recaro – From Capri and narrowed by 1.5 inches

Roof Canopy Hinge

·        Special Stainless Steel adjustable unit

Roof Pump

·        Smith Mini Pack

·        Heavy duty rams 

Side Windows

·        Custom Made aluminum frames

·        Side opening / removable rear glass panels (mini type opening catch)

Switch Gear / Dash / Side Pockets

·        Mark II Dashboard

·        Mark II side pockets

·        VDO gauges and Triumph dolomite sensor gauge

·        Austin Princess switches

Centre Console

·        Custom made centre console with 3 storage compartments


·        Fire Suppression system with 2 spray nozzles in engine bay and activating lever in the passenger side foot well

·        Remote lever release for bonnet and rear louvre

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